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Going to a new place can be thrilling and if it is the most outstanding city then this can dual the delight. Hundreds of emigrants come to Dubai on daily basis with tons of visions and hopes. But even before moving, there is positive stuff that you have to know to plan a journey about Dubai’s lifestyle.


As there is the mainstream of tourists population in Dubai, numerous global cookeries like Indian, Chinese, Italian, etc. are easily available. This lets you must not omit the chance of the home food and is also a healthier chance to try changing tastes.


Weekends in Dubai may appear unusual. They are not same as other countries. As Friday is a well-thought-out sacred day in Islam, the weekends are Friday and Saturday. Coming to fun, there are numerous universal well-known shopping mall and traveler fascinations in Dubai. Apart from that, there are multiscreen cinemas which display Hollywood, Bollywood and many other movies of provincial speeches. There are fairly amusing parks like Mamzar Seashore Park, Safa Park, Creek Park, etc. somewhere you can relish the dusks.


The Government of Dubai assured that how well advanced the town is, it doesn’t mislay its culture. At the same time, they admired all the cultures, ethos and beliefs in the world. There are restaurants, bistros, and cuisines regarding country-wise food. Even there is no restriction for moving here and there but in a disciplined manner by respecting the laws.


Dubai has a sunny climate overall 12 months in the year. Even though rainy season remains from December to January but most of all it also feel kind of warm. It is not an unpredictable climate that Dubai holds. Having a humid desert environment, the summers in Dubai are very sizzling and most of the occupants prefer to stay out of Dubai like in Northern America or somewhere else they want to go with family.

Traffic rules and regulations

Dubai Government is very much specific about traffic rules and regulations. If you are scheduling to travel by your own conveyance then make sure you have know-how about the traffic rules and penalties connected if you disobey the rules but in case if you monthly rent a car in Dubai you will get convenient with the facility of GPS. Other than traffic rules you should also have to be alert that gobbling or drop litter at public places is aggressive.

Harmless and Protected

Dubai has not involved as much of crime rate because of its fixed rules and regulations. It is the most protected habitation. There is police duty providing security 24*7 to the residents.

Lavish city

Apart from Burj Khalifa and the Desert Safari, the first thing you might have come to know about Dubai is its rate of staying there. Dubai is a luxurious city. People come to Dubai to progress their fiscal status and save sufficiently to pass a lavish life. All the fiscal strength can be attained only through the proper formation.

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